Remote Monitoring And Control Solutions. Advanced Monitoring And Control Along With Cutting-Edge Data Analytic Techniques
Remote Monitoring And Control Solutions. Advanced Monitoring And Control Along With Cutting-Edge Data Analytic Techniques



Designed and produced in the United Kingdom, by an expert team with over a century of experience, Telemisis SitePro is a field-proven Industrial IoT remote monitoring and control solution, designed to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by generator/machine operators, utilities, cellular carriers, tower operating companies, oil and gas, and industrial process operators when managing their estate of remote assets.

By combining advanced monitoring and control with cutting-edge data analytic techniques, SitePro enables operators of remote assets to significantly reduce operating costs, improve up-time and evolve their investment as demands change over time; maximising RoI.


Data, as well as alerts and alarms, are sent from remote assets to a central server. If required, and filtered by severity and escalation path, information can also be sent via e-mail and SMS, allowing operations staff to stay on top of performance, no matter where they are. As monitoring demands change, additional sensors and new assets can be easily added to the system.


Supporting remote control of a broad range of asset types, SitePro ensures optimum operation is maintained. Generators, chillers, compressors, process input and output, and other assets can be operated remotely from a control room, allowing start and stop, mode change, or on/off commands. A wide variety of problems can be solved without the need for an expensive site visit and preparedness for any catastrophic event is maintained.


As well as providing a clear audit trail for SLA compliance, access to historic data, SitePro facilitates better decision-making. Operations staff can predict maintenance, service and refuelling requirements more accurately, and therefore schedule timely intervention, maximising asset up time, and reducing operating costs.


SitePro’s comprehensive reporting and graphing functions provide a detailed, yet straightforward means of analysing performance of individual assets, groups of assets or the entire estate. Historic trends can be used to optimise resources, diagnose problems, or as proof that performance targets are being met.

Generator monitoring and control with fuel management integration and reconciliation
Energy Grid Substation Distribution Transformer Monitoring, asset Optimising, Protection and load distribution
Oil & Gas, upstream and downstream (SCADA) integrated mission critical Generator backup. Upstream Well Head monitoring backhaul expandable RTU
Telecommunications Tower Site Monitoring
Fuel supply management control and reconciliation. Liquid storage tank Monitoring – generators, Port Terminals and Tank Farms
Pharmaceutical Plant Process and Infrastructure monitoring and control
Wind Turbine Farms
Remote equipment control Pressure, Flow, Temperature
Chillers and compressor system Monitoring
Industrial Process and Infrastructure monitoring and control
Water Industry Process and Infrastructure monitoring and control.
Banking, mission critical back-up generator supply monitoring and control
Tank Farm
Complete Bespoke monitoring and Control Solution.
Heavy Plant Hire Equipment Monitoring and Control
NOC Services


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